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CHISTON GLOBAL Limited. is an Online and Offline sales and installation Company in Nigeria, offering the best Electrical, Electronics, IT, Interiors, Security and Safety solutions to customers who Chooses Innovation using Smart Technologies.

With sound understanding borne out of experiences in business processes, customer centric approach and fast products and technical delivery, we offer next generation Electrical, Electronics, IT, Interiors, Security and Safety services and solutions by using cutting edge technologies with cost effectiveness, high quality and best of its kind after sales and technical support which makes us strive into becoming the market leader in product and service delivery.

At CGL, we forge long term relationships with Customers/Clients who require not just our products, services or solutions, but also support services that enhance value.

We operate a policy that Customers always stands first, we believe in given 100% customer satisfaction and that’s the reason why we get 60% of our businesses from our existing customers.

Our products and services are designed to provide support to the following sectors:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Financial Institutions
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing and Warehousing
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Hospitality
  • Cinemas
  • Shopping Malls
  • Stadiums
  • Recreation Centres
  • Residential  etc.

 All our Products and Services are extremely cost effective, at a price that delivers an outstanding value for money; and provides the perfect combination of functionality and high reliability together with ease of use.



Cables and Wires are primarily used in the
transmission of electricity and other telecommunication signals in
construction, manufacturing, and networking. Commonly, power cables consist of
a solid or stranded conductors created with Aluminum or Copper. The
amount of power that can be transmitted through a cable depends on 3 factors –
conductor size, number of cores and conductor material. At Chiston Global, you
can purchase cables of a vast variety, ranging from Fire Resistant (FR) and Fire
Resistant Low Smoke (FRLS) house wires that are used by every cable
contractor at a construction site to rubber cables used in hazardous
and extreme conditions. At Chiston Global, we supply and export cables from the
top cable manufacturers in Nigeria. With the reputed cable brands we distribute
in Nigeria. We are your one-stop solution to source all types of cables
and Cable Accessories such as cable Trays, Glands and Jointing
Kits. Other than power cables, we also stock and deal in Co-Axial Cables, Telephone
Wires, Flat Submersible Cables, and Welding Cables. At Chiston Global
special deals are available on bulk purchases. We have the technical knowledge
and an extensive network that enables us to procure and distribute genuine
products of high quality at the best discounted prices online and offline.

Access Control Ssystems (ACS)

Access Control could be Biometric, Card and Code. These or one of these allows a user to gain access through the door(s) in a building. I.e. access is gained by using biometric or with a numeric code, or card or combination of the three depending on client’s or the organization’s policy.

Fire & Intruder Detection Systems (FDS & IDS)

We offer reliable solutions on fire detection and notification equipment, specifically manufactured, standardised and selected to meet the fire protection goals, We pride our self with the best customer service delivery; all our projects regardless of size are closely monitored from the sales, installations, and supports.

Solar Systems

Chiston global Solar power is in our
range of Alternative power sources for your business efficiency. Implementing
solar power helps to offset costs and provide resourceful power for Home,
Commercial and Industrial sites.

Staff Identification & Time Management Systems (SID & TMS)

Our technical and program expertise provides and allow Organization to close monitor staff’s movements, start from clock-in to cock out of duty  – from enablement and enrollment, through card issuance, biometric enrolment, authentication and management.

Perimeter Protechtion System (PPS)

We offer the best sales and installation of Electronic & Electric Perimeter Security Systems, Our systems protect against theft and vandalism whilst providing the protection and calls on its extensive experience of being a niche-market provider, to provide a range of effective, reliable, state-of-the art security systems for industrial and commercial use around the world.


Lighting &
Fixtures is a very vast product category in electric world. Lighting is
simply used to provide illumination. It includes the use of both artificial
light sources like lamps and light fixtures. Light fixture,
light fitting, or luminaire is an electrical device that contains an electric
lamp that provides illumination. Fixtures may also have a switch to
control the light, either attached to the lamp body or attached to the power
cable. Lighting is increasingly important in the industrial sector.
There are many subcategories of lightings & fixtures like Fluorescent
lamp, CFL, High and Low Bay LED Retrofit Lamps , High Bay
and Low Bay Fixtures, Street Light Fixtures, Recessed Lighting, Bulk
Head fittings, LED Downlight, LED Floodlight, Decorative lights, Track
Lighting, LED Dock Light, Surface Mounted Lights and many more.

At Chiston Global
customer will get wide range in lights & fixtures with
reputed brands, customer will get Longer-lasting and
energy-efficient lighting products for Industrial sector to consume a
tremendous amount of energy. Additionally customer can easily confirm their
requirements of light & fixtures via our product specification
like Lamp Wattage, Colour, and type of Mounting etc.

At Chiston Global, we are ready to supply Lights &
fixtures in competitive price with great discounts & high quality in
Nigeria & across the world. 

Surveillance System (CCTV)

At Chiston Global we just don’t only sell the CCTV products as other retailers do, because we have deep understanding of the product features, but we also give Solutions for our products from inside out.

Information Communication Technology (ICT)

At Chiston Global, with our goal to providing you
innovation with smartest technologies we will provide you with all
devices, networking components, applications and systems that combined
allowing people and organizations to interact in the digital world.

Health & Safety Enviroment (HSE)/Personal Protection Equipment

Selecting the right HSE/ PPE to sufficiently
reduce exposure to hazards is essential to work place safety
and that is
why At Chiston Global we decided to provide to customers work safety equipment,
Consultancy and Services, we have also categorized equipment from  eye
and face protection, hand protection, body protection, respiratory
protection and hearing protection
 for your Personal, home or business protection. We bring you quality name/ brand products at affordable prices. Buying in bulk? Save even more with our wholesale pricing.

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